Finding Sustainable Solutions to Bullying

May 20th, 2015 by TOMS

We know the power of Giving from our various other gives, and wanted to apply our One for One model to help address a problem common in the United States and around the world.

In the United States, nearly one out of every three students aged 12 to 18, reports being bullied. Our Giving Partners explained it to us best: in any group of three, one student is the target, one is the aggressor, and one is a bystander.

Purchases of the TOMS StandUp Backpack Collection will help provide the training of school staff and crisis counselors to help prevent and respond to instances of bullying. While this is a complex issue, through this give, TOMS hopes to improve the safety, academic performance and well-being of all students.

Our partners will be focusing on two key areas:

Bullying Prevention Programs: Effective prevention programs are focused on training the whole school community – teachers, students and parents – how to create a bully-free campus where all students are included.

Response Programs: Response programs make it as easy as possible for students to report bullying and get the help they need. Text lines provide emotional support to teens in crisis including youth who have suffered from bullying. Schools are trained in interventions to resolve any incident of bullying and get students who are stuck in the role of bully or victim the help that they need.

So who are our Giving Partners? TOMS secured two Giving Partners with programming in bullying prevention and support, whose positive bullying prevention programs for schools and teenagers can be strengthened with TOMS’ support.

No Bully: No Bully trains schools in a four level system to prevent and stop bullying and create campuses where everyone belongs. Under the No Bully System students are ending over 90% of incidents of bullying.

Crisis Text Line: Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis, which has seen over 6 million texts since its launch in 2013.