THE TOMORROWS PROJECT: Provide Aid for Orphans in Baja CA

August 7th, 2017 by TOMS

• Employee Name: Elena Smith
• Employee Job Title: Executive Assistant
• Tomorrows Project Title: Provide Aid for Orphans in Baja CA
• Project Tagline: Provide Aid for Orphans in Baja CA

Tell us about you Tomorrows Project.

My Tomorrows Project supports the non-profit Corazon De Vida Foundation that helps sustain ten orphanages in Baja California, Mexico. Corazon de Vida provides the financial support necessary to keep over 700 children fed, clothed and properly cared for. However, the organization stuggles to provide more than basic day-to-day necessities for the children they serve. Ever since I started volunteering with the organization, they have hoped to be able to provide preventative dental and medical care for the children. The funds from The Tomorrows Project provides all 700 Corazon De Vida children to receive routine dental and medical check-ups as well as help purchase necessary school supplies for the children.

Why is helping orphans important to you and why did you decide to support your organization?

I have been involved with Corazon De Vida for seven years now and make multiple trips down to Baja to visit the children at the orphanages every year. I have watched a lot of these children grow and, learned so much from spending time with them. Each trip to the region fills me up with more hope for the future and a stronger desire to help. The executive director and founder of Corazon de Vida and four college students formally housed in Corazon De Vida orphanages visied our TOMS office. All of these students are now doing wonderful, productive things with their lives. It is thrilling to see how much a little bit of love and direction can help otherwise forgotten children thrive and succeed in life.

Why is The Tomorrows Project important to you?

The Tomorrows Project is important to me because it gives employees the ability to give back to our communities and to a cause that we strongly believe in. After winning The Tomororows Project, I was able to bring a group of 18 TOMS volunteers to see first hand who and how the Tomorrows Project funds were being allocated. It was a wonderful experience to be able to share Corazon De Vida with my co-workers.

Throughout the years my friends and I have held an annual event around the holidays as a fundraising effort for CDV. We have always raised a good amount of money but the money from The Tomorrows Project far exceeds that. It is truly a dream come true to be able to give an organization that means so much to me this generous gift.