July 17th, 2017 by TOMS
  • Employee Name: Alex Lithwick
  • Employee Job Title: Director, Strategy & Reporting
  • Tomorrows Project Title: One Step Further
  • Project Tagline: At TOMS, we give the gift of shoes… why don’t we go ONE STEP FURTHER and give the gift of walking?

Tell us about you Tomorrows Project.

My Tomorrows Project  funded orthopedic care programs and equipment for the Venice Family Clinic focusing on Pediatrics. Venice family clinic’s mission is to provide quality primary healthcare to people in need. Venice Family Clinic provides free and affordable health care for low-income, uninsured and homeless families and individuals. They serve over 24,000 patients each year. 75% of of the patients are below the federal poverty level and cannot afford health insurance.

My project supports programs such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic care.  The equipment purchased, like STEM Machines and physiotherapy supports, will be used for years to come and will help many more undersevered patients with rehabilitative and preventative therapy for injuries and genetic conditions.

Why is orthopedic care important to you and why did you decide to partner with Venice Family Clinic?

In 2012, I shattered by right kneecap, had two surgeries  and was in a wheelchair for six months. I was able to regain partial mobility in my leg but I still needed to use a cane.  I couldn’t straighten my leg, and I could walk only a few blocks at a time.

I am a very active person and was frustrated by my lack of mobility so  I sought out three separate surgeons to help me make a stronger recovery.   One surgeon advice was less than uplifting and suggested I “take up swimming”.  But frankly, I hate swimming.

I was fortunate enough to find and be able to afford the proper care to regain mobility. But all the required treatment and after care were extremely costly. I am grateful to now have full use of my leg but it was certainly an expensive process that I know I am lucky to be able to afford.

For my Tomorrows Project, I wanted to help people who couldn’t afford the care that I received. What I loved about the Venice Family Clinic is their comprehensive care approach. They provide primary care, specialist care if required, and go above and beyond for recuperative and therapeutic needs to ensure their patients are able to live normal, pain-free lives.

My husband and I have been big supporters of Venice Family Clinic and when we saw the care and atmosphere of their Children’s Center, we knew this was an organization that we wanted to support.

Why is The Tomorrows Project important to you?

The Tomorrows Project allowed me to support a cause that is close to my heart.

Many patients have to question affordability and eligibility to receive quality healthcare. Thanks to The Tomorrows Project support, Venice Family Clinic’s orthopedic patients have access to the services they need to address their injuries and diseases, regardless of income, insurance or immigration status.