THE TOMORROWS PROJECT: Angel Hanz for the Homeless

April 24th, 2017 by TOMS

Name: Holli Schmidt
Job Title: Executive Assistant
Tomorrows Project Title: Angel Hanz for the Homeless
Project Tagline: Let’s Never Forget About the Pets

Tell us about your Tomorrows Project.

My Tomorrows Project supported Angel Hanz for the Homeless to replenish much needed supplies for the homeless and their pets in the greater Los Angeles area. My Tomorrows Project provided care packages and supplies such as tent shelters, sleeping bags, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, leashes, pet food and pet beds to go to homeless people and their pets. The supplies will be passed out at a monthly distribution event. Also, thanks to my Tomorrows Project, Angel Hanz was able to support an emergency veterinary care for a homeless dog named Baby D. Baby, who had a deep laceration on her nose, was able to avoid infection and heal nicely!

Why did you decide to partner with Angel Hanz?

In early 2016, I saw a news feature on Angel Hanz for the Homeless. I was impressed by the way the organization was taking care of the homeless in Los Angeles, but was overwhelmed that they took care of the homeless pet too! I decided to volunteer and found out that Karen, the founder, used to live in her car with her pets. Karen was inspired by her past to help others and their pets’ needs.  She started this organization in 2011, and has had amazing volunteers to keep her mission going ever since.

Why is The Tomorrows Project important to you?

The Tomorrows project is important to me because I was able to support an organization that’s close my heart. I also got insight into what’s important to my colleagues and bonded over our passion for common causes. The Tomorrows Project is an amazing way to get involved in different organizations and to do more good in the world.